Sister Lucille featured on Music on the Couch

Jimmie Bratcher, Chris Eger Band, Sister Lucille, Kern Pratt featured on Music On The Couch radio show. Check it out HERE

JIMMIE BRATCHER – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC – This Is Blues Country is the 8th album from Jimmie bratcher.  Released during the Legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, SD, the album is Jimmie’s reimagining classic country songs as Blues.

CHRIS EGER BAND – Looking forward to sitting and having a conversation with Chris about his musical journey and the music on the new album, Show Me Where To Sign

SISTER LUCILLE – Kimberly and Jamie finally take their seat on The Couch and we will talk about their journey and the new album Alive.

KERN PRATT – COUCH KID NEW MUSIC – Kern returns to the show with a brand new album, and we’ll talk about that and more